Energy in the National Curriculum, 1991

Key Stage 3 – Attainment target 4: Physical processes

Pupils should:

Level 3

  • know that there is a range of fuels used in the home.

Level 4

  • understand that an energy transfer is needed to make things work.

Level 5

  • understand that energy is transferred in any process and recognise transfers in a range of devices.
  • understand the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy resources and the need for fuel economy.

Level 6

  • undertand that energy is conserved.
  • understand that the Sun is ultimately the major energy source for the Earth.

Level 7

  • understand how energy is transferred through conduction, convection and radiation.
  • be able to evaluate methods of reducing wasteful transfers of energy by using a definition of energy efficiency.
  • understand the quantitative relationships between force, distance, work, power and time.


Further details can be found in the STEM Learning eLibrary:
Science in the National Curriculum 1991

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